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Ryne and Kelly are some of the most creative, easiest people to work with! They always have more than one solution to help in a hard situation. Highly recommend.”

Jacci Konkle Jacci Konkle, Freedom, WI

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Selling your house does not have to be complicated. Below we go over our four-step selling process, including the order, timeframes, and what we need your help with (we do as much as possible but need a tiny bit of effort from you😊). We even go over your biggest question…how we come up with your cash offer!

Step 1 Tell Us About Your House

After submitting the form we will call you ASAP (typically within 5-10 minutes)

We will listen to your story and ask questions to better understand your current situation and your house. We will schedule a walkthrough (ASAP)of the house if there is a mutual agreement. If we are not your best option we will recommend others who may be able to help.

Step 2 House Tour

We will meet you (or someone you trust) at the house on your timeline. During the house tour, we will assess and ask questions about the current condition. We will calculate the renovation costs.

Out contractor and/or property manager may be with us to provide accurate estimates on the spot. If they are not available we may take a lot of pictures

Step 3 Cash Offer You Decide

We are typically able to make you a no-obligation, cash offer at the end of the walkthrough. If for some reason we cannot, we will call you back with a cash offer typically within a few hours

You decide whether the offer works for you. We can discuss other options if it does not.

If you decide to sell to use, we will fill out a short plain English purchase contract. You will pick the closing date (as soon as 14 days!) If you would like time to review the contract with an attorney before signing, that is no problem.

Step 4 Closing You Get Paid

This is the longest part of the process. The title company will request you to provide the title policy from the purchase if you have it. The title company will have you sign a few authorizations to pull payoff information, verify your identity, etc. If the title of the house is clean, the title company we work with typically can be ready to close within 14 days. If the title is not clean, it will take longer

On closing day we will both meet at the office of the title company and sign a stack of paperwork. Don’t forget your ID. After your hand cramp goes away, the title officer will hand you a check. All that is left is to hug it out (or shake hands) and celebrate!

Seems Pretty Straightforward. What About Cleaning or Making Repairs?

Your right, we forget to mention all the repairs we need you to make and how the house needs to look like Mr. Clean was hired. JUST KIDDING! Cruel joke, my bad. There is never a need to make any repairs or clean the house. Leave anything you do not want to take with you behind.

How Do You Calculate My Cash Offer? Are You Going to Low Ball Me?

Great questions and I’m glad you asked! We do not make lowball offers. All of our offers are based on real numbers and data. Our calculation formula is not top secret. Here it is:

After Repair Value (ARV)

– Restoration Costs

– Holding Costs

– Selling Costs

– Our Profit

Your Cash Offer

Let’s explain what each of these numbers are:

After Repair Value (ARV): We come up with this number by analyzing similar houses that have sold in your neighborhood within the past 3-6 months. When searching for similar houses to your home we compare houses of the same style (ranch, two-story, split-level, etc.), square footage, bedrooms, and bathrooms. ARV is not the cost of a brand new house. It is the “market price” of your home that meets home buyer market expectations for condition and design.

Have you ever seen the show American Pickers? Sometimes they find a really cool item, such as hard to find an old car. Sure the car is missing a lot of original parts, the paint is faded, there is rust and it doesn’t even run. However, the pickers know the car also has a ton of potential. Sometimes they take some pictures and call an expert. The expert calls back and says “that car is worth $30,000 – $40,000 if it is fixed up and restored to pristine condition.” What the expert is quoting is the “After Repair Value.” It’s typically a range, not an exact number. You will also notice the picker typically uses the lower end of the range as he wants to re-sell the item fast.

Restoration Costs: This estimate includes fixing everything that is broken and upgrading objects that are past their useful life (ex. Furnaces that are 30 years old, original windows, etc.) as well as making the house modern (new countertops, flooring, paint) to meet homebuyer expectations.

Holding Costs: These are costs related to owning a property such as taxes, insurance, utilities, lawn care, snow removal, debt service, etc.

Selling Costs: No real estate agents are involved when you sell your house to us. However, we do use a real estate agent to sell the renovated house to the end home buyer, so we pay them a commission. This estimate also includes closing costs.

Our Profit: Yes, we do intend to make a profit. We have found that by making a profit we are able to pay for all the other operating expenses (website, marketing, software, accounting, phone lines, supplies, etc.) to keep us in business so that we can help even more people. We do our best to balance the amount of profit while also giving you the highest offer we can so that you will accept the offer!

Too Long Didn’t Read! Tell Me A Story

Okay okay. Here is a real-life example from a house we bought this past April. We decided to keep this as a rental property instead of reselling so the “profit” number ended up being our remaining equity.

A partnership owned this house for a while. One of the partners was a real estate agent so he listed the house. It was on the market for months but it never sold due to an expensive list of outstanding city code violations. Sell My House In Wisconsin to the rescue!

Stuart St, Green Bay, WI

House we bought cash in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Before and after comparison.

We keep our rehabs simple and strategically designed to keep future repairs low while maximizing our profits. Why is this good news for you? If we can keep our costs down while still making a good profit this means we can make you a higher cash offer! Win-win at it’s finest!

The Initial Offer Calculation

$132,500 (ARV)

$18,500 (Restoration Costs)

$4,500 (Holding Costs)

$9,500 (Selling Costs)

$20,00 (Our Profit)

$80,000 (Initial Cash Offer)

The sellers really needed $85,000 which was the amount left on their loan. So we agreed to reduce our equity and paid them $85,000.

After we purchased the house a few unforeseen repairs occurred within the first few months; a leak in the steel roof caused mold above a bedroom ceiling and the furnace died. These unplanned expenses ballooned our restoration costs to about $24,000. As you can see estimating restoration costs is not an exact science. The good news is the seller escaped before having to pay these!

Here is a few words from one of the sellers:

“I recently worked with Ryne Lambert to sell a rental property in downtown Green Bay. I wish all buyers were as straightforward and reliable as Ryne. Ryne was fair and responsive throughout the whole process.  Ryne responded quickly to all correspondence and calls.  Thanks, Ryne for the great transaction.”

Client-Mike-Wasilkoff Mike Wasilkoff, Green Bay, WI

A cash offer means we are not relying on a bank for a loan to finance the purchase of the property. Here is why a cash offer is better:

  1. Eliminates the risk of the buyer (us) financing falling through due to the bank deciding not to approve the loan.
  2. No bank to demand a bunch of contingencies on the sale such as a home inspection report, appraisal, selling another house first, etc.
  3. Allows for faster closing on the purchase of the house. No waiting on the bank underwriting, home inspections, and appraisals.

By removing the banks, real estate agents, appraisers, building inspectors, we reduce much of the costs, time, and risks that a typical home sale encounters. Our four-step process eliminates the complexity of selling your house.

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We purchased this house in green bay for cash in as-is condition

I had a co-worker that was trying to sell her house with no luck. I mentioned her name to Ryne and the outcome was phenomenal. My friend sold her house and Ryne was able to make updates and sold it quickly. It was a great win for everyone.

Angela Venderheyden referred a home seller to us Angela Vanderheyden, Green Bay, WI